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South Africa’s number one local directory for parents.

Beth Pohl

I’m a sunshine-loving girl living in the countryside, just outside Cape Town. I’m married to my University sweetheart, who *fun fact* was also my first-ever boyfriend. My favourite title in this world is mom, and I have three precious souls that call me that on the daily, Christian, Harriet and baby Gabriel. My days are filled with homeschooling, keeping my finger on my businesses (while dreaming up creative ideas) and intentionally soaking in these glory days.

Motherhood has rocked my world in the best way possible. When I lifted my firstborn onto my chest, I felt a flame set alight in my belly, an immense responsibility and GIFT to be a mother. You know the saying, The days are long, but the years are short. I feel this deeply to my core. We’ve chosen a slower lifestyle, prioritising family time, outdoor play and not rushing our children’s childhood.

I’m hugely passionate about all things natural living and sharing how simple swaps can truly benefit us as mothers, as we are the gatekeepers to our homes. From essential oil-infused water births to homemade bone broth, I could spend hours chin wagging about our body’s intricate design and its capabilities to heal and thrive, when we support it well. I have a deep conviction that every mom is perfectly suited to mother her children and that our children have been wonderfully created, with specific personalities and temperaments. We often just need practical tools, encouragement and support to love them well and really enjoy the journey of motherhood.

The Mom Archive has beautifully simplified motherhood for me. Instead of running to Google or texting a friend, I can safely land at the Mom Archive. It has an impressively extensive directory of South African products and services for these motherhood years. I love the layout and ease of use. What a blessing to have this digital directory for us moms. 

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