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Beans Van Zyl

My name is Beans because I’ve always been full of life & energy “full of beans”. I am passionate about health, cooking, baking, exercise, fashion, travelling & looking after my beautiful family.

I am married and have 2 kids that keep me very busy. I love looking on the bright side of life! I am up for an adventure anytime & love my friends & family with all my heart. Creativity is very important to me as well as working hard towards my goals while living a balanced life. I am a sunshine girl who would love a whole year of summer.

I love motherhood as it is an honour to raise two little people in this world and has made (is still making) me into a better person. I love watching their personalities develop, their hobbies, talents, faith, friendships blossom and grow. I love that everyday is different…it has its up and downs which I appreciate as it has taught me to be more resilient, patient and builds character.

I truly appreciate motherhood as I lost my mom when I was 2, so I feel so privileged to now be a mom and try to be the best version of myself for them and others in my life.

What I will be sharing on The Mom Archive:

I will mostly be sharing healthy, fun and delicious recipes for the family. As a busy mom I usually try to create quick and easy recipes that are full of nourishing ingredients and that tastes delicious too. I want my family to be able to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible from the food we eat. I will also always encourage involving your children in the kitchen as it is such social quality time together, they learn important life skills and they usually end up being more adventurous with new foods and flavours if they’re involved in the cooking/ preparing process. I love the Mom Archive as it is a place of inspiration, connection and realising you’re not alone in the season of motherhood.

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